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  • 动物搬家英语作文50词



    Animals are our friends. Although some of them are very dangerous. But I think we should help them. Animals are important for every people. No one can live without animals. So, we should do someting for them. We can't kill them too many, we should keep the balanced nature. Don't damage any animals. And if you have a pet, than, please feed it well. Animals are friendly to us, if we are friendly to them. Animals will be our friends forever.


    Once we decided to move, each day passed quickly. We started packing early but soon became very hurried as the moving day arrived. The most difficult task is always to decide what is absolutely necessary to move and what is not. After staying in one house for a number of years we had accumulated a lot of things. For sentimental reasons, it is always difficult to discard those things which mean so much to one's past. On the moving day everyone was hurrying around the house, and the children also ran around shouting and yelling; everything seemed like utmost confusion. The last minute items were packed quickly, and many other items were discarded. Slowly the moving van was filled. and we saw only empty rooms with open doors and windows. The home we had open doors and windows The home we had known so long seemed so strange. We felt no warmth. Laughter or cheer as we closed the door behind us.


    I love dogs,dogs are the cutest animal ever on earth.From small and cute ones to big and fierce ones.I love all kind of them.They say dogs are man's best friends.I agree with that because dogs are royal,friendly and fun to play with.Some of them are extremely cuddly and soft to hold and hug.While some of them are extremely royal and helps us guard all our properties.

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