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    Deng Yaping, 28, from Henan Province, is a talented woman player f table tennis. She was the table tennis champion of the 1 l th Asian Games nd the 41st World Table Tennis Championship. And in the 25th Olympic ames she won two gold medals. Why can she make such brilliant chievements with the disadvantage of her Short figure? Her hard work and etermination to succeed helped her to overcome many disadvantages. At the age of 4, she began to play table tennis under the guidance of her father. When she was 8, she won the championship in the national competition of the amateur sports school. In 1988 she became a member of the National Training Team. On her way to success, she proved that height was nothing and hard work was everything.



    Deng Yaping, 28, is a world-famous woman player of table tennis.She comes from Henan Province. At the age of 4, she began to play ping-pong under her father's instructions. When she was 8 years old, she won the championship in the national competition of the amateur sports school. In 1988 she entered the National Training Team. After that she won medals one after another, including gold medals in the 1 l th Asian Games' Table Tennis Competition and the 41st World Table Tennis Championship and two gold medals in the 25th Olympic Games. Is she born a table tennis player? No. She is only 1.5 meters in height, which is her disadvantage. However, she overcame it by hard work and perservance.Her success proves where there is a will, there is a way.


    鲁迅 Brief Introduction of Lu Xun

    Lu Xun, formerly known as Zhou Shuren, was China's famous writer, thinker, critic and revolutionist. He had high literary achievements and he was the pioneer of modern Chinese literature, having profound impact on Chinese literature after the May Fourth Movement. His novels have been translated into many language versions and were made into movies. For instance, The True Story of AH Q(《阿Q正传》) and The New Year's Sacrifice(《祝福》)profoundly exposed the problems of the old society. President Mao spoke highly of him. Some of his works were elected to the middle school and college textbooks. It's very beneficial to read Lu Xun's works.


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