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  • Shopping in Xia Jiu Road小学英语作文

    &ldquo;what a beautiful day! the sky is blue and the clouds are white.&rdquo; said my mother. &ldquo;yes. let&rsquo;s go to xia jiu road.&rdquo; said my father. i was really happy and i jumped very high.

    xia jiu road is more famous than the other shopping centers, because everyone says &ldquo;xia jiu road is the shopping world.&rdquo; i saw a clothes shop over there, and i said to my parents, &ldquo;mum, dad, let&rsquo;s go in!&rdquo; mum and dad looked me and said, &ldquo;you are really a child.&rdquo; i was really perky(神气的) and said &ldquo;ok. let&rsquo;s just go in !&rdquo; i bought a lot of beautiful clothes. my parents were unhappy. i pat on their shoulders and said, &ldquo;don&rsquo;t be angry, because everyone says &lsquo;fine clothes make the man&rsquo;, isn&rsquo;t it?&rdquo; my parents said together, &ldquo;no, it isn&rsquo;t. but we all love you. &rdquo; we laughed together and my parents were happy again.today i was very happy, because i bought a lot of clothes and had a good time. i don&rsquo;t think &ldquo;you can&rsquo;t eat the cake and have it&rdquo;is right.

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